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Graph of web visitors

Near-instant proof that marketing works.

For decades or more, proving that a marketing initiative worked was rarely easy and often inconclusive. Digital marketing has helped to change that. We enjoyed a perfect example recently. The call-to-action on an outbound promotional eDM (email) campaign we created and managed for a client in...

Mars Perseverance Rover

Is there life on Mars?

Or more correctly, was there life on Mars? One of the many great things we enjoy about marketing for technology businesses is the fascinating initiatives our clients get involved with. Which means that we get involved too – and can generate some excellent publicity. Validair is a...

Speedprint website

When websites go international.

  Over the years, we’ve designed, developed and created content for many client websites. Some are targeted locally, most are national, but a few are aimed internationally by virtue of the client’s business reach. Yet despite that, our most recent web development project has a truly international...