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A raft of new website projects for Validair companies that are part of a group of businesses focusing on environmental contamination control, notably in cleanrooms. Validair Monitoring Systems Ltd (VMSL) is a Gold Channel partner to TSI Inc., the world leader in airborne particle counters. VMSL needed a new website to detail products from TSI, ViGIE, Pressura, CMR Controls and Exor – and a place to share its news. With all the website content originated by Swordfish, complete with SEO, this site has already proved to be a huge success. Servicing product enquiries coming directly from the ‘Request Quote’ buttons built into every product page are now a regular feature of Validair’s day-to-day sales activities, while the company’s brand awareness in its market sector has been elevated substantially.

Sister company, Valdair Diamond Scientific (VDS), specialises in validation, testing and consulting services for cleanroom and contamination-controlled environments. Look out for a brand new VDS website from Swordfish that’s due to go live in the next couple of weeks.

In addition, Valdiar has just established a new business in Ireland, which is about to be granted Channel Partner status for the whole of the country by TSI. The new HQ for Validair Monitoring Ireland Ltd (VMIL) is in Dublin. The partnership agreement officially goes live on 1st May 2022 – so the new website we have created exclusively for the Validair Ireland business will also go live on that day. Watch out for it here shortly. You’ll notice the family resemblance.


April 28, 2022


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