Project Description

DLB Investigations

Website | News | Strategy | Ad design | Brochures | Event support

DLB investigations is a corporate investigations company that works closely with the insurance and legal sectors, as well as with local authorities and government agencies across the UK and Ireland. DLB adopts a different approach that’s digital-driven, using technology that makes the organisation stand out and delivers a far superior service to clients. The unique QEST system is one example of innovative digital solutions the company uses to make a difference.

The company had a smart website but one that was built on a proprietary platform, so it was time-consuming to maintain and update. And not that easy. Simple things like no facility for images alongside or within news stories were a marketing no-no.

DLB Investigations website by Swordfish Marketing
DLB Investigations' bespoke QEST App for field investigation thoroughness and accuracy

Swordfish had already designed, written and produced brochures. So we knew the business well and had content to hand to start building a new website.

As you might imagine in the arena of insurance fraud, DLB has many fascinating stories about its investigations endeavours, many of which cannot be shared. Nonetheless, some can, so a website with a comprehensive and easy-to-use News facility was imperative. And being able to rapidly keep that news up to date equally so.

Swordfish built the new DLB website, wrote new content and repurposed some from existing marketing materials we’d created, and took the site live with it hosted by our trusted web hosting business partners.