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Electro Kabuki

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Electro Kabuki is an unusual sub-brand from Magnet Schultz Ltd (MSL), the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of solenoids and electromagnetic technology. (MSL is also a Swordfish client). Known colloquially as EK, Electro Kakuki is a precision-engineered ‘theatrical reveal’ solution aimed at rigging and staging professionals working on product launches, road shows, concerts, theatre set design, and even circus performances (of the Las Vegas genre). In the past, such reveals have been notoriously unreliable. With EK, that’s no longer the case, which has led to a resurgence of ‘kabuki’ reveal effects in the staging sector.

At Swordfish, we provide full marketing support for MSL in its industrial sectors, but the focus on Electro Kabuki needed to be distinctively different. We produced the original EK website back in 2012 and know the product very well. When it was time for an update, we designed, wrote and built the new responsive EK site to include enhanced content and to feature a smart ‘Get A Quote’ mechanism. That allows web visitors to select components to configure a theatrical kabuki reveal system that meets their exact requirements. Enquiries are instantly forwarded to MSL for a quotation.

Once the smart new EK information hub was in place, we ramped up the news items and press release initiatives, dealing directly with global EK distributors to harness more user stories and then using this as content for marketing, including electronic Direct Mail (eDMs) that invariably link straight back to a news story on the website – that’s one way in which the EK marketing joins up.