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Magnet Schultz

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Magnet Schultz Ltd (MSL) is the UK’s (and possibly the world’s) leading authority on everything to do with solenoids and solenoid actuation. Unlike its German parent MSM, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of solenoids, MSL is not a product company. It is first and foremost a service company with exemplary skills in engineering design, prototyping and the application of solenoid and electromagnetic technology in actuator mechanisms.

The business offers its experience and consultancy expertise to develop bespoke solenoid-based solutions to engineering challenges across more than a dozen market sectors. But how best to let design engineers on projects from cash boxes and marine refrigerators to oil rigs and particle accelerators know that this unique expertise exists? A great way is to tell how MSL designs, prototypes, tests and installs custom actuator solutions that drop right into the end product. The Griffon Hovercraft project is just one of many such stories – a customer case study that was researched, interviewed and written from scratch by Swordfish. Like other case studies and articles we write for MSL, it appeared in the trade press, on the MSL website as a downloadable PDF and we made it into a printed sales literature piece. The creation process also gave us the content to produce a press release and an eDM that linked back to the story on the website.