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Validair Diamond Scientific

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One of the Validair Group of Companies, Validair Diamond Scientific (VDS) offers validation, testing and consultancy services for cleanrooms and contamination-controlled environments.

In 2020, the VDS management team commissioned us to create an interim online presence to replace an ageing website where content management was a challenge, to say the least. Swordfish did manage the content on that old site for many months but the limitations of a proprietary platform began to impact the marketing and commercial objectives. Time for something new – and quickly.

We created a single-page scrolling website to vastly improve the company’s presence and make content management easy. Meanwhile, we continued to collect information from the VDS team as a resource for a larger website.

Validair Diamond Scientific website on mobile
Validair Diamond Scientific eDM (outbound email promotion)

There’s more to VDS than would ever fit on a single page, even a long one. In early 2022, the information for a new website was collated, the writing commenced and a redesign broadened the scope of the website to accommodate content on services, accreditations, career opportunities and a news section – which helps to keep the online presence up to date. That’s good for SEO as well as informative for VDS customers and industry professionals.

We believe it’s important that our clients can access their own websites and make changes if or when they want to. They don’t need to use us to do that. Like all our website developments, the Validair Diamond Scientific site allows easy content management by any authorised person.

From our marketing support writing press releases for VDS, we already knew that the company was highly regarded in its sector. That became more evident from the ease with which we were able to secure testimonials from very senior people in major pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organisations. We made good use of those on the website too.