Project Description

Validair Monitoring Ireland

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A Validair Group company and the first client in Ireland for Swordfish. Offering a distinct service across Ireland, the newly formed Validair Monitoring Ireland Ltd (VMIL) needed a website with branding that conveyed a family resemblance to sister company Validar Monitoring Systems Ltd in Malvern in the UK but with a focus on news and other content relevant to its own geographic territory.

Swordfish created the new website and continues to write and update news, as well as write and manage outbound email direct marketing (eDM) campaigns for the business. We also write press releases for VMIL and distribute these to our contacts in the trade and technical media, notably in the cleanroom and contamination control sector.

Validair Monitoring Ireland website by Swordfish
Outbound promo emails for Validair Monitoring Ireland

Examples of eDMs created and sent to contact databases (that Swordfish maintains and manages for Validair Monitoring Ireland Ltd) that reflect the subtle branding designed to parallel that of the UK-based sister company while remaining distinctly VMIL.