Why Case Studies Are Great

Authentic case studies are real business stories about real business people achieving success. They act as powerful testimonials. They let you convey tangible evidence about what you’ve done for your customers or what you’ve allowed them to accomplish. Written well, a case study is an engaging read that explains the journey a customer is likely to have taken to conclude that your company was the best choice to deliver the product, service or solution to meet their requirement. That demonstrates your competitive edge. Case studies allow you to go into detail to showcase measurable outcomes, highlighting the positive impact of your solutions and making your offerings more attractive. Prospects relate their own experiences to the challenges your customers faced in your case studies and the business solutions you provide. And all this is done with the implicit endorsement of satisfied customers. That helps to establish your credibility and strengthen trust in your business or brand.

How We Create Customer Case Studies

Writing case studies can be time-consuming. But we make it easy. Professional in-house copywriting expertise and years of case study writing experience mean we know how to streamline the process. It’s straightforward. We talk to you, our client, to take instructions and understand the story outline. Next, we interview your customer to uncover the successes. Then we create a first draft. With your feedback, we refine that draft to present to your customer and get buy-in and approval. Now the case study can be published on your company’s website or sent to the media to obtain press coverage. Or both.

Other Clever Things You Can Do With Case Studies

The process of interviewing your customer for a case study always uncovers plenty of valuable marketing material. While the goal is the case study itself, we can repurpose and rework the information in many ways and across multiple platforms. Why not have us create a press release from the interview material as well as a piece of news or blog content for your website? That opens up all sorts of marketing opportunities. Now you can post about the existence of the case study story to social media with links back to the blog. That drives traffic to your website and bolsters SEO. And with that success story on your website, we can create outbound emails (eDMs) to publicise what you’ve achieved for your customer. Don’t tell the whole story in the eDM, just link a ‘Read More’ to your website. That’s why effective, professionally written case studies are compelling and convincing.

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