Emails Fit for Purpose

Email design is important. Email marketing needs to work well for all recipients across all email clients and all devices. Having worked with email for years, our designs take all that into account. Professionally designed emails and templates make a world of difference to our clients’ digital campaigns.

What Are You Saying?

Effective design is just one part. Equally critical is the content. What do you want to say? Who are you saying it to? When does it need to be said? We assist with all this positioning and write the compelling messages you need to engage your recipients effectively and inform them or encourage them to take action.

Targeting the Right People

Done properly, email marketing is one of the few initiatives that people agree to receive. So we know our audience. And that allows us to tailor the message in an eDM to appeal directly to the recipients. In turn, that results in higher open & click rates and better conversions.

The Payback

Email marketing gives one of the best returns on investment – partly because it can be relatively inexpensive. Statistics from the Direct Marketing Association a few years ago showed a forty-fold return for the money spent. We reckon it’s still at least that good. That’s why an email contact database will be among the most valuable assets in a business. In the public sector, email is a fast and effective way to enlighten groups and communities about new initiatives.

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