Graphics for Web Development

Perhaps the place where great graphic design is most visible and the most impactive. Contemporary websites tend to be image rich. But making those images work effectively with other content – on all devices – is a graphics design challenge. It’s one we confront daily and where we always prevail. In web design, our graphics expertise is behind the exceptional functionality, effectiveness and overall online user experience as much as the attractive visual appearance of each website. That’s critical when you want to engage web visitors.

Printed Collateral

Don’t overlook the humble brochure! Graphic design features as the key influencer in the effectiveness of all printed materials. From simple leaflets and posters to perfect-bound corporate annual reports and everything in between, understanding every aspect of what’s possible in print is a key skill here at Swordfish.

Advertising Materials

What graphic design resource do we use most when creating advertisements and ad campaigns for Swordfish clients? Imagination. Visionary graphics from our talented designers make all the difference to how ads look, and how they will be received, and how people will act as a result. The mechanics of ad creation for printed media has changed little in 30 years: the ad needs to fit the space, convey the message and inform or inspire. Online ads let imagination and creativity soar to another level.

Graphics in Emails

More than just your company logo in the footer, today’s email campaigns rely heavily on compelling imagery – and that relies on efficient graphic design. There’s a parallel to website design in this dynamic digital world. A beautiful Swordfish-designed eDM is a line you cast out to land people back at your beautifully-designed website. Mind you, with so many different email clients and devices to accommodate, effective graphic design in this online space is more critical than website design if your message is to appear perfectly for every recipient. We know how to achieve that.

Exhibition Displays

The graphic design equivalent of Going Large! Display panels at exhibitions, events and, in the case of many Swordfish clients, used in reception areas, are larger than life, there for everyone to see. That’s why they must be faultless. Whether a single image, a sophisticated montage or a complex hybrid display with text or captions, it takes specialist know-how and meticulous attention to detail. Creating artwork at the optimum size and resolution demands technical expertise and intimacy with the final printed or projected medium as well as creativity. You’d be surprised what’s possible. On more than one occasion our graphics gurus have succeeded in creating something truly impressive from rather mediocre origins.

Graphics in PR

This may not sound like a huge graphic challenge but imagining, creating and resizing images to accompany press contributions and illustrate articles is a vital skill in making these communications instruments effective when published. And to make life easier for the editors who choose to publish them. Our extensive experience in media relations shows that a press release accompanied by a smart image is six to ten times more likely to be published. We’d be doing our clients a disservice if we didn’t factor that reality into our marketing plans for them. Luckily, we have the in-house graphics skills to make the most uninspiring products or services look appealing.

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