Thinking Strategically

Before anyone can agree a strategy, some analysis is required. If you’re a business, where are you now and where do you want it to be? What does the market already know about you? In the local authority tourism sector, what is your offer and what are its strengths? And again, what does your audience already know? A strategy helps define the marketing journey you need to take, based on a clear perspective of goals and challenges. That’s where we come in. As informed and impartial outsiders, we can often see your opportunities in a way you rarely can from within.

Planning it Out

Next it’s time to plan. Our marketing plans for clients take into account the budget available for investment, the opportunities, the tactics that can be used to deliver each element of the plan, the optimum delivery timing to maximise the impact – and a healthy contingency. As events unfold, marketing plans need to be flexible, agile and able to change. However, a strategy rarely does. That’s the joy of defining a marketing strategy before you plan.

Keeping it Fresh

A marketing strategy will keep a focus on what you want to achieve. The plan will change as new opportunities arise or channels appear, or where success in one area justifies doing more in response to the kind of dynamic stuff you cannot predict accurately at the outset but which you need to be ready for. The good thing is that you can measure every opportunity, channel and tactic against the strategy before altering the plan or making the investment.

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