Well Connected in the Press

In an increasingly digital world, it’s easy to forget the advantages of personal relationships. We don’t. We like to keep in touch with editors and publishers – it’s a regular Swordfish initiative – and meet up where we can. The benefits are exceptional and possibly immeasurable. Whether it’s a news snippet, a press release, a local announcement, a case study, a regional initiative, a technical article or something else, we learn exactly what editors are looking for and use it to inform our writing – as well as how we manage editorial contributions as part of our clients’ PR campaigns.

Doing the Right Thing

One size does not fit all in press relations. We will never risk alienating (or boring) key editors and influencers by sending every press release to every magazine and newspaper on our (pretty extensive) circulation database. No, we take an intelligent approach. We tailor our PR content to the needs of the publication to avoid wasting anyone’s time. We only distribute editorial that’s relevant to each. And we write news stories and articles that are specific to a publisher’s audience. It helps our PR gain better traction. In turn, that secures more press coverage for our clients.

Reputation Marketing and Marketing Reputation

Our job in marketing generally, and in press relations particularly, is to manage and enhance reputations. Our intelligent PR process achieves that – and enhances Swordfish’s reputation in the media too. Editors receiving a Swordfish press release know it will be relevant and informative to their readership, and written well. PR is still a numbers game. Each press release competes for page real estate or online space in magazines and newspapers against thousands of others. That’s where reputations and strong relationships count. And that’s what our clients buy into when they appoint Swordfish to create their press releases and manage their press relations.

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