Don’t Overlook the PR Power of Endorsement

In a world with ‘fake news’ on the rise and where the origins of material are often questionable, it’s easy to forget the persuasive power of information published by a reputable source. Persuasion by information and education is what a good press release strives to achieve. We write great PR. When published, a press release enjoys the implicit endorsement of an editor – many of whom are highly respected journalists and subject experts. It puts authority behind your words. And that carries weight. Got something new, exciting or important to share? Let’s get some PR out there!

How We Write Great Press Releases

A PR subject doesn’t have to be new. But it should be newsworthy. Sometimes there are things you should have told the world about but didn’t have the time or the resources. In our considerable experience, that’s far less important than how you create and distribute a press release. Across all journalistic avenues, editors are busy people. We know that they value PR information submitted in an honest, impartial and informative way. Equally, they won’t waste their time wading through corporate waffle or unconvincing narratives that try to put a gloss on something that’s decidedly dull. There’s always a way to make a relevant and newsworthy story inspiring. It’s all part of the PR job at Swordfish.

Doing Press Releases Right

One size never fits all in PR. We use a proven writing style and accepted protocols to create press releases for our clients that get picked up. But that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. Whether it’s a news snippet, a local announcement, a regional initiative, an expert opinion, a case study, a technical article or something else, we learn what editors are looking for and use it to inform our writing. We don’t alienate or bore editorial teams by sending every press release to every digital and printed publication on our media database. Instead, an intelligent approach sees us tailor the PR content to the needs of the readership audience to keep it relevant. And to make it easier for an editor to choose to use it. That’s why our press releases gain great traction and secure more press coverage for our clients. Get in touch if you’d like to benefit from our PR skills.

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