It’s been just over three years since we moved out of the Harborough Innovation Centre and into our own Swordfish office in the centre of Market Harborough town.

Back in early November 2019, the temperatures were already dropping as we set about sprucing up our new HQ in King’s Head Place. We took over the top floor of the building, which hadn’t been occupied for a couple of years.

First off was some new flooring. Then some Swordfish signage and branding – by which we mean painting a couple of walls and the meeting room door in Swordfish teal. The place quickly became warm and cosy. It still is. The postman, two clients and three Amazon delivery drivers have commented on it just this week.

Inside the Swordfish office

That cosiness could soon be put to the test. Last Tuesday, one of those clients said that the Met Office was predicting a 50% chance of snow in Market Harborough in the next eight days.

We’ve certainly got the freezing temperatures thanks to the Arctic air, but we’re not convinced that the snow will make it to the centre of the country just yet. And we have kept perfectly warm through snow in the past – that photo above is from January 2021. Mind you, wouldn’t it be great to enjoy a White Christmas?