We have our first client in Ireland. A new business venture set up as a sister organisation by our existing client Validair Monitoring Solutions Ltd has chosen Swordfish as its marketing partner.

Supplying airborne particle counters and expertise for contamination-controlled environments across Ireland – and already appointed as a channel partner to TSI Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of particle counters – Validair Monitoring Ireland Ltd (VMIL) is off to a flying start.

Our VMIL launch publicity was picked up widely by industry publications and scientific journals. It helps that we know the industry well.

Ireland has a sizeable share of Europe’s pharmaceutical manufacturing market, and that’s a prime target for VMIL’s expertise and specialist products. But contamination control requirements extend far beyond the pharma sector. Almost all industries need cleanrooms and Ireland is home to many companies in aerospace, automotive and semiconductors, to name a few, that have such requirements.

The photo shows Conor and Paige of VMIL grabbing a well-deserved break after the Robotics & Automation conference in Dublin a couple of weeks ago – and fittingly sampling Ireland’s most popular and globally-renowned Irish Dry Stout.