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Being a full service agency, our most powerful marketing force comes in the form of a combination of all the things we do well working together in harmony. We have the expertise and tools to drive a company forward into ‘Tier 1’ level branding, and there’s no better example of this in action than taking a look at one of our longest-standing clients; Blakell Europlacer & Speedprint Systems.

Having engaged in almost no marketing prior to starting with Swordfish, Europlacer and it’s sister company Speedprint had achieved an impressive level of success already with their high-quality surface mount technology and screen printing systems. We argued, ‘how much more success would they have experienced, had they being doing marketing properly!?’. After nearly 3 years of working together, we’re able to respond to that question. The answer? A lot more!

Originally tasked with adding a lick of paint to their brochures and promotional material, Swordfish ended up completely overhauling both brands through a mixture of content and design updates strategic PR and creation of trade-show booth graphics. This new corporate image propelled the perceived value of the two companies to new heights and allowed us to create far more engaging adverts and promotional PR material going forward – something that our close contacts in the press were only too happy to publish on request.

Having just completed a successful promotional campaign for Europlacer’s brand new machine, the new ‘Atom’, we’re looking forward to continuing into the new year with a new set of initiatives for Europlacer and Speedprint.


December 18, 2015


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